DJ Clay "Let 'Em Bleed" Vol.2 (FULL CD!!!!)

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DJ Clay "Let 'Em Bleed" Vol.2 (FULL CD!!!!)

Post  chris [JSC] on Sun Jul 06, 2008 12:21 pm ?sharekey=8418cf9884d00701d5a101cf914073b434cab727660269ae

1.Intro (DJ Clay)
2.Snake Bite (Boondox)
3.Knee Cracks (Shaggy2Dope)
4.Get Em All (Dj Clay Feat Madrox)
5.Karma (rack remix) (Twiztid)
6.They Know (Boondox)
7.In love with a Hooker (Violent J Feat Esham)
8.Filthy (Shaggy2Dope)
9.Rollin Over (Rock Remix) (Insane Clown Posse)
11.My Life (DJ Clay)
12.So Preventable (Boondox)
13.Dangerous (The R.O.C & King Gordy)
14.For Ever detroit (Blaze,Violent J & Awesome Dre)
15.Bird's and Bee's (Twiztid)
16.Deadman Walking (Violent J)

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